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Welcome to Loop Network Services!

Loop Network Services, Inc. provides comprehensive Information Technology Services to the small and midsize businesses located in the Chicago Loop. We offer an extensive range of IT consulting and support services to assist businesses in achieving the best results from their Information Technology investment. Our mission is to provide outstanding IT services and build long term relationships with our clients.

We can help you achieve your business objectives through the intelligent use of technology. We ensure your IT Infrastructure is tailored to align with your business plan, meets your needs and takes advantages of new technologies and trends in an effort to reduce costs and stress for your business.

Loop Network Services recognizes the importance of good staff and is dedicated to having only experienced and reliable IT professionals on board.

Some of the reasons our clients have chosen
Loop Network Services to assist with their IT needs include:

To lower the total cost of ownership through proactive maintenance and strategic alignment of IT with the business plan. To help create a planned and predictable approach to supporting the IT infrastructure. To increase the reliability, quality and types of IT services offered to support the business. To expand support hours to end-users. To improve internal customer service and satisfaction with regards to IT support