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Infrastructure Design & Implementation

Without the appropriate network structure and planning your business can quickly outgrow its IT resources, resulting in costly upgrades and replacement. Loop Network Services designs and implements infrastructures that are scalable and meet the needs of organizations looking to expand and adapt to new technologies.

An appropriate network infrastructure will let you centralize, share and collaborate – connecting your staff locally or remotely with information and resources effectively. Loop Network Services can develop the best infrastructure for your business based on your requirements and your plans for the future, enabling seamless access and connectivity.

Designing a network infrastructure involves undertaking a study of your current and future information technology requirements, followed by an assessment of your current

infrastructure and how suited it is to expansion. The result is a professionally designed and implemented network system, ready for business.

Our experience in hardware/software design and cloud services ensures the most appropriate use of resources. We configure and deliver a range of quality, fault-tolerant, high performance and scalable brand-name servers and leverage reliable cloud services to fulfill your business requirements. Loop Network Services can also advise on the most appropriate software packages for your business needs.

Our consultants have extensive expertise on application and data migration ensuring a smooth transition from existing to upgraded systems, on-premise or in the cloud.